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Friday, January 30, 2015


This week has been rough to me but I know that these are blessing from God, and the only way to survive it is to believe that things will be okay and better. Better days are coming. I am excited to say hello to February because of the surprises that I am ready to give my for my #StyleDivision2015 Readers! I can't announce it yet but I will soon so follow my Instagram Account @mikylequizon! So right now, Here's my outfit Post for the week! Shot by Alejandro Taag! 

I styled this outfit when the weather was windy/rainy. I wanted to wear an outfit that will prepare me if its going to be a sunny or a rainy day, but since it was raining, (A bit) I decided to wear my Jacket from Vans (You can order from @alvoguy) and wore my favorite Top from Topman. It has the same color and effect that is why I wore this.

I got this bag from @alvoguy (Instagram Account) and for me, this travelling bag is a MUST HAVE! It's a lightweight bag that has an impressive design and quality, You know how much I like leather, it has a leather handle! Get it now! Follow @alvoguy!

(Outfit Details : Top, TOPMAN. Jacket, VANS (@alvoguy). Bottom, ZARA. Shoes, Converse. Glasses, Sunday Somewhere. Bag, @Alvoguy.

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Monday, January 26, 2015


In a day, interacting with my friends is important, specially when we have a get together or whatever, and ofcourse, updating my girlfriend is the most important thing that I prioritize in a day specially when we have work, and yeah, we text alot. but whenever I am online, I like to use my Viber and What's app,  & Line, these are the Chat apps that I use to interact with my friends, for me online messaging more fun because I can send them my favorite emojis, stickers, emoticons, & Pictures. What's more fun with Chat apps is that we can send each others our photos with our OOTD, making them judge if it's nice or not or if I have to change something. That's why, when im in a hurry, I just dial *121# and register to SUPER MESSAGING 10. Watch this Smart TVC and check out the Promo!

With Smart’s SUPER MESSAGING 10 you can text all you want for more personal messages or chat your friends on Viber, FB Messenger, Wechat, Whatsapp, and Line for endless chikahan! For only P10 valid for 1 day.

just dial *121# and register to SUPER MESSAGING 10

For more information about SUPER MESSAGING 10, Visit http://smrt.ph/supermessaging10

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